Harvey Water Softeners with Price: Reviews and Top Models

When I first moved to my current home, I was a bit taken aback because of the water situation. The area only provided hard water, and while I was thankful for it, I needed a water softener! I’ve had enough the weird suds and stained clothes, so I invested in the Harvey Crown water softener. And let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, with excellent features without any hassle. Of course, I can’t just continue raving on about Harvey’s without any proof, so I did the research and reviewed it myself. So read on as I show you my extensive review on Harvey Crown as well as the rest of the models they offer right now.

Harvey Water Softener Reviews 2019

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The Crown by Harvey Water Softener is undoubtedly my favorite among all of what Harvey has to offer. While I do commend their other units, Crown offers the compact and easy installation, among other superb features! I’ll be dividing it into sections to help make it easier to read and see how well it does in specific (and necessary) factors, so read on!

Design and Appearance

When I first got the water softener, I honestly didn’t expect it to be so compact for a twin tank unit. The all-white unit also has a simple design, which is suitable to use and clean with ease. Its exact dimensions are 46 x 21.2 x 49 cm, which is small for a unit designed for the entire household.

Expect a compact unit to be lightweight, making it easier to carry and install wherever is convenient for you. You’re able to install it in strategic places near your plumbing systems, may it be in the kitchen or garage. As for me, I placed it under my kitchen counter, staying secure and away from sight (for design purposes).


As I mentioned, this nifty water softener comes with a host of features I appreciate, specifically its non-electric operation. This means that the system relies solely on water pressure to power up and work, so there’s no electricity used up. You can use it even if there isn’t power at home, and you don’t have to worry about added nervy costs.

The twin tank water softener ensures that you will always have soft water regardless of when and how much you need. It works the entire night, giving off strong water flow and an unlimited supply of soft water.

Furthermore, the unit utilizes salt blocks when filtering water, making it easier to replace compared to lugging bags of salt. One block of salt (for every head in the household) per month fits adequately. You’ll know when it’s time to replace with its salt indicator, which is easy to read.

Package and Inclusions

Another huge plus about Harvey’s Water Softener is that it comes complete. Not only does it include everything you need, but some bonuses as well.

You’re shipped the entire unit along with the necessary parts and tools for easier assembly, as well as the understandable instruction kit and manual to install yourself.

Besides this, it also includes free salt blocks for you to begin using and filtering water immediately after you set it up. There is also a five-year warranty for the water softener, providing better value to the entire unit and package.


Installation is straightforward and simple, as it comes with the complete installation kit. In fact, you can do it yourself, or hire a plumber from your local area if you aren’t familiar with plumbing systems and mechanical parts of the water softener). Harvey also provides installers who can work on your unit with affordable fees, but they cover limited areas.

Because it’s a non-electric unit, you can install it anywhere around your home, providing it’s near the main plumbing system. It only takes half a day and if you’re confused with the instruction kit, there are videos and tutorials online you can check up to make installation hassle-free.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The Crown by Harvey’s Water Softener is small and compact but with enough power for the household. Because of its size, the unit is easy to clean and maintain. As long as it’s hidden from anything that can cause damage, and that you care for it well, you won’t have a problem keeping it performing as expected.

These units can last for years and still perform amazingly. And again, because it’s small, you know these units are designed to clean without taking hours. You save a ton of time and effort with it!

Harvey Water Softener Price 2019

Depending on what package you choose, the water softener comes at a price range between £800 to £950. While this may take you back, think of other water softener systems with the same features, only being even more expensive than the £1,000 price range. Right now, the Harvey Crown softener for 22mm pipes along with 2 blocks free salt costs around £935 on Amazon UK. The price of Harvey Crown water softener for 15mm pipes without free salt starts at £895.00 on Amazon.co.uk.

Also, consider the fact that it’s a non-electric unit so you save on electricity and salt expenses, as salt blocks are more affordable. Besides the monetary expenses, the time and energy you place from installation to maintenance are saved as well. With all this in mind, this is truly worth the initial investment. If you’re wondering why there are different price ranges in water softeners, that’s because it depends on various factors. Your plumbing system, how many live at home, even the type of water softener you choose play a significant role!

Who’s It For?

The Crown by Harvey’s is meant for those who have hard water in their household. But there isn’t a specific target audience under that, as it’s meant for all homes AND offices. If you have a smaller home or want to save up on space, while enjoying easy installation and maintenance, then the Crown by Harvey’s is for you. This is meant for either single people or families, those who use a lot of water or not, and most importantly, those who need soft water for efficient cleaning, bathing, and more benefits!

Because of all this, I consider Crown by Harvey to be the best water softener from the company. With versatility and power in mind, this unit is meant for everyone, making it well worth the price.

What Else Does Harvey Offer?

Besides the Crown by Harvey’s Water Softener, I also want to share the other units Harvey has to offer. Honestly, while they aren’t as good as Crown, they still pack a punch and come from a great company!

1. The Harvey HV3

The Harvey HV3 is a popular unit of theirs, having a twin cylinder design and technological features to operate easily. It has a metering system to supply uninterrupted soft water, made for standard-sized households.

Like the Crown, it’s a non-electric unit with a compact design, maintained with salt blocks. However, I recommend that you have it installed professionally because it’s difficult to do so alone especially if you’re unfamiliar with plumbing systems.

Also, the design of the casing and its salt block holder can improve a bit more. It’s a bit flimsy and a bit of a hassle when replacing the salt blocks. Other than that, expect adequate operation and nonstop water flow from the HV3.

This unit is made best for single people, couples, or small families living in smaller homes. With its compact size and simple maintenance, it’s what makes it one of the popular ones from Harvey today.

2. The Harvey HVX

If you’re looking for a larger water softener model, then you’ll want o to consider the HVX. However, be prepared because it IS quite large and meant for bigger groups or families, as well as those who live in bigger spaces. This is made for homes that have over three bathrooms and can still fit under your kitchen sink.

For its capacity, it’s still compact, and just like the Crown, it offers the twin cylinder design and doesn’t require any maintenance. All you need to do is fill it up with salt blocks after it runs out. I do wish it had a more accurate indicator as to when I need to replace the salt blocks, though.

So if you’re a family of over six people, you’ll find that the HVX is a good choice without the need to replace salt so quickly because of its size.

3. The Harvey Big Blue

Whether you’re a business or a huge household, the Big Blue is made for even the largest and toughest of homes. It’s actually one of Harvey’s biggest models of water softeners, truly made for offices, homes with over six bathrooms, as well as other establishments that utilize a LOT of water.

Just like Crown by Harvey’s, it also comes with the unique twin cylinder design for water anytime you need it. The water supply is uninterrupted and though it’s a very big size compared to other models, it can fit under most kitchen sinks.

But do take note that this water softener requires tablet salt to drop into the unit, which comes in 10-25 kg bags. It’s honestly a bit of a hassle to replace salt because of the heaviness, though you can’t blame the unit much since it’s made for large groups.

If you are interested in more systems from other companies, check out our water softener reviews page.

Tips on Choosing the Right Water Softener

Besides knowing what water softener to invest in, you also have to know how to choose one effectively. I have another very informative post on choosing the right water softener for your home, but there are also some extra tips to help you out:

  • Determine the capacity you need in a water softener based on how many people there are living at home. Less than three people can enjoy a 20,000-grain capacity, while more than four people find more than 30,000-grain capacity better.
  • I recommend that you get a water softener that’s easy to assemble and use. Some water softeners don’t require much maintenance unless it’s time for salt replacement, which I appreciate.
  • Besides the price, consider the warranty and inclusions. I appreciate units that come with long warranties and excellent customer service, as well as the complete package to begin assembling and maintaining on my own.
  • There are different types of water softeners I explain further in my other blog post. I highly recommend getting a non-electric unit for easier installation while saving on the energy bills!

With all that being said, I highly commend the Crown by Harvey’s Water Softener among all. It provides most of my recommendations in selecting a water softener compared to any other model by Harvey’s!

You can learn more about picking the right water softener from this cool video as well:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to investing n the right water softener, you can never go wrong with Crown by Harvey’s. From its complete package down to its quick-responsive performance, you get your money’s worth and more. My entire household now has unlimited soft water to enjoy regardless of how much of it we use. I hope this article on the best Harvey’s water softener helped you find the right unit for you! So don’t wait any longer and get yourself the Crown by Harvey’s Water Softener now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on Crown by Harvey’s Water Softener, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.



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